Of Bushnell and Black Lives Matter Pop-Ups

Today, a Bushnell Pastor Dave Eden posted a blatant falsehood about our events on Facebook. He claimed that at one of our protests, one of our posters said “The only good cop is a dead cop.”

We have no such sign, have never displayed such a sign, would never be a part of an org that would display such a sign. That was a falsehood, and when we attempted to correct him, he doubled down on the lie, and added more.

We would never allow such a sentiment to be a part of our protests. We have police officers in our families, friends, and as work colleagues. To claim we’d ever be about death or violence is bearing false witness against us, Pastor Dave. You owe us an apology for spreading such a despicable lie.

Also, it puts us at greater risk as such an incendiary falsehood is likely to further inflame reactive racists with a propensity for violence, particularly against women. Shame on any pastor who would do this.

Why Are We In Bushnell?

We have members in Bushnell with concerns, and we’ve received complaints. We’ve done a few low-energy pop-ups. Just 2-3 people, silent, with 2-3 #BlackLivesMatter flags and 2-3 racial justice posters.

Just that low energy, low impact display on behalf of our Black community members is still too much for some people.

Tonight’s example:

Bushnell, IL – Oct 15, 2020 – Black Lives Matter

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