Witness Summary: Macomb Police Department Refusal to Take Report of Red Truck Attempting To Run Her Daughter off the Road

First vehicle incident:

  • In 2017, interviewee reports her daughter reported that a red truck attempted to drive the mother’s daughter off of the road.
  • The daughter reported it to the police with a description of the vehicle, and the police refused to take a report. The Mother tried to implore the police to investigate
  • Interviewee stated the family gave up trying to get the police’s assistance and the police did nothing about it.

Second vehicle incident: 

  • Interviewee states her daughter and daughter’s fiance reported this incident to her shortly after it happened:
    • Interviewee states her daughter and her fiancee said they were walking to catch the GoWest stop by Walmart.
    • They told her they noticed a pickup truck, and even made eye contact with the driver. 
    • The report the driver then intentionally sped up and tried to run into them.
    • The fiance injured his hand trying to create distance between the truck and the mother’s daughter. The mother said the fiance had to push her daughter out of the way to prevent her from being hit by the vehicle.
    • Interviewee stated the incident wasn’t reported because they no longer have trust in the police department to do anything about these incidents after being repeatedly turned down by MPD for requests for assistance.