[Affidavit: Black Mother living in Macomb]

This affidavit was read by a white ally member at our press conference on 1/17/20 at Macomb City Hall in which we called for Macomb Police Chief Curt Barker.

The day I was arrested for a petty offense in public while with my young child is a day I will never forget. I’m sure she will never forget either.

The feeling of being taken away from your children not knowing when or if you’ll see them again, thinking why is this happening to me to my family ? It was traumatic, devastating, embarrassing, emotional, stressful and just sad. Since my incident I’ve been stalked by MPD Officers, scared to death when one gets behind my car I immediately grab my phone so I can record any interactions. My kids get nervous and scared.

My youngest has used the bathroom on herself when she comes in contact with MPD its really sad. I don’t feel safe here, I don’t feel equal, I don’t feel like a human being, I don’t feel as confident as I once was years ago before moving to this town.

I fear for my children daily! Every min and second they are out my sight. I fear that one of my kids will be walking home and be targeted by MPD or a white person may run him down just because of their skin color just for walking down the street they so urgently don’t want us to occupy.

I suffer from anxiety, depression, and high stress levels since living here. I’ve had to seek counseling for my kids and I due to past interactions with MPD and the Mayor and just the people in this town.

My children have been bullied at school, jumped on, beat, kicked, punched, you name it, to the point where MPD brought my child to me because of being jumped at school. NO actions were taken, just brought home to me.

Do you have any idea how difficult it is to explain to your young black child that they may be treated differently because of the color of their skin and the texture of their hair?

It hurts to try to explain to your child to be aware is to be alive and because you are black, you will be treated differently.

It hurts. In my decades of life I have never faced racism or discrimination of any kind until I moved to Macomb IL. This town saddens me keeps my stress levels high and my confidence low.

MPD is a disgrace and beyond unprofessional and they abuse their power whenever they see fit. I’m appalled at their numerous encounters with the black community here and we will not be silenced by fear anymore! I am strong I am educated and I will be heard!”

[End of Affidavit]