Gavin Steiger, Macomb’s “2020 Officer of the Year,” no longer employed with Macomb PD

After all the complaints submitted, the petitions, the emails, Macomb PD no longer has Officer Gavin Steiger employed as a police officer for Macomb P.D.

Where’s the news story on that? Hmmm….?

He’s not faced any real accountability for his many crimes and abuses of power, and that’s typical for corrupt white male cops. After all, neither has (former) Chief Barker, Mayor Mike Inman, or Sheriff Nick Petitigout.

Indeed, after we first called for investigations of Gavin Steiger, Mayor Inman turned around and awarded him the “2020 Officer of the Year” at the following week’s city council meeting.

That’s how Macomb Mayor Mike Inman works. Any attempts to hold white male bad faith/dangerous public servants accountable for corruption, abuse, fraud, racism, sexism results in his dog/pony shows and fake awards. He gathers the “leaders” and gets a photo op – and declares they’re just wonderful. Most community members fall for it, repeatedly.

That’s not justice, nor leadership. It’s called political disruption. It will be a good day for our democracy when more white people stop falling for this tired, repetitive tactic white people in power on all sides of the political spectrum use to amplify and empower those who agree with them – while blocking out those who they wish to silence.

Despite all the obstruction, abuse, cyberstalking, lies, and retaliation against our team members, our efforts worked. Gavin Steiger is no longer a police officer for Macomb P.D.

There’s still several more corrupt officers who should be investigated and held accountable, much less retired. If you are being harassed by a police officer, always file a formal, written complaint, copied to the Illinois State Police. If you are retaliated on, file a formal written compliant about that.

Verbal complaints against public officials and public servants are meaningless.

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