Mental Health Task Force

Our Task Force has been quite busy the past several months. They’ve purchased multicultural mental health brochures to combat the white-centering of so many agencies around here.

We’ve provided two free “Mental Health First Aid” trainings for the community, one for assisting juveniles, one for adults. We will be bringing more in 2020!

  • We will be hosting a monthly “Trauma Healing Circle” which will be free to the community.
  • A new “Community Drum Circle” will be starting up, beginning in January of 2020. No experience, talent, nor equipment necessary.
  • A quilting/sewing/knitting/coloring/crafts bee will be set up beginning in January, 2020 to allow all our members who wish to gather for friendship, wisdom, and inspiration a regular chance to participate in this networking opportunity. We will fundraise for supplies so that all who wish to participate need not have economic privilege to do so. We want all our members to enjoy these gathers.

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