Affidavit #3 – “Black Mother Submitted Complaint Against Officer Who Called Her a Black Bitch”

I went into the police department Macomb, Illinois to file a complaint on an officer who called me a “black bitch.”

After I filed the complaint I was contacted by Sargeant Butcher in two hours later asking me if I could come in for a in person interview to discuss the complaint that I had just the minute I agreed they came and picked me up at my home.

I sat down with Sargeant Butcher and another detective (who I can recognize if I see him) and before they clicked on the microphone the detective informed me there he “would hate for this to end up back for me and shall services to be notified or the housing authorities to be notified or DCFS to be notified or the department of human services to be notified.”

After he stated that to me I told him that my story will steal the same they commenced with the interview, clicked on the microphone and I say aware for where what I wrote down on my complaint.

After he clicked on the microphone, I repeated my statement that I have written down nearly word-for-word. The interview lasted about 30-40 minutes and then they dropped me back at home on Wheeler street.

I walked in my home, grabbed my child. I walked out to the bus stop and I caught the bus to Walmart so I could pick up dinner for my kids.

I got a message from my boyfriend at that time telling me that the Sheriff’s Department had just left my home with my picture, and I had now a $50000 warrant for my arrest.

It seems the detective and Sergeant Butcher ran my name to find out if I had any open cases or any pending cases. They found that I had a domestic dispute that was open, but not brought to the police department because there were no charges found to give me at the time. So they appear to have gotten the State’s Attorney to pick it up, took it to a judge (who signed a warrant), then had the Illinois State Police come and look for me on that warrant – all within an hour of me leaving the station after filing the complaint.

All this as a result of me filing my complaint against a fellow Macomb Police Department officer. This nearly instant retaliation.

Because of this, I faced 40 days in jail 40 nights in jail. I also was placed on AGPS monitor. I was not able to care for my children, and I also was sentenced to 2 and a 1/2 years probation with over $3000 in court fees and fines that I’m still currently paying to this day.