Affidavit: Black Man Fired From Housing Following Racial Insult from Executive Director Bill Jacobs, Harassment by MPD Officer Lindsey May

CW: Racist language

“In 201X, I was employed at McDonough County Housing Authority for maintenance and grounds. I arrived at work, and Bill Jacobs spoke emphatically at me “GET YOUR BLACK ASS IN HERE!!!”  My immediate supervisor sent me back to work while he was going to speak with Mr. Jacobs. 3 hours later, Bill Jacobs called me into the office. There were 2 Macomb Police Officers there. He fired me, claiming I had taken an unscheduled break.   He also tried to kick me off the property entirely, but was informed by the staff he couldn’t do that as that was my residence.

The person working under Bill Jacobs at that time told me Officer Lindsey May was trying to get me fired, trying to get me thrown out of housing, and she informed me that I was NOT safe from him, and that she believed my life was at risk from the police and that I should move for my safety.”