Vehicle Harassment of Protestors

This red truck has done this to our #BlackLivesMatter protestors several times. This time, the men were filming our faces for their sick twisted enjoyment later, no doubt. They scared an elderly disabled woman and her service animal, encasing them in the black smoke.

These white men are just some of the many who think this behavior is perfectly acceptable here, and it clearly is. There are no letters to the editor calling all the men like these out, except from us.

It has been eye-opening to our members to discover over the past several months that apparently no local churches, faith orgs, feminist orgs, community orgs, service agencies, or white elected officials care enough about the growing violence to publicly push back against this despicable behavior.

Hate has a comfortable home in Macomb, Ill, especially from white men who are rarely held accountable. And it is kept safe from accountability by white people’s calls for manners, civility, and racial justice progress at a rate we are comfortable with, which is white privilege.

But this guy got a ticket – this time. May he learn some decency and manners.

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