7 Complaints Against Macomb Police Officers Being Investigated By Internal Affairs

With the latest witnessed affidavit turned into Macomb, Illinois Police Department, Internal Affairs has a busy winter and spring ahead of them. With 7 complaints, most from Black folx, former State Trooper/Macomb Mayor Mike Inman’s misleadership over the police has been a destructive, moral failure.

Our community leaders’ lack of oversight, transparency, and accountability is a disgrace. Those (racist) white people demanding Black folx “submit their own complaints” in the community have gotten their wish. Absent reporting from any local media, it’s likely the community will remain in ignorance that their police department has multiple credible complaints alleging very serious allegations and crimes by several police officers, including those high up in leadership.

We wish our new Chief Jones all the best as he faces cleaning up Chief Barker’s appalling mess and abdication of any professional responsibility.

The most frequently named Officer in the complaints is Officer Gavin Steiger, who we first called on to be investigated in the Fall of 2019 – after which, Mayor Inman and Chief Barker and the city awarded him the “Officer of the Year.” We have to wonder how history will judge that, given all the complaints for rights violations – and potential lawsuits – he’s racked up since then.

*Insert slow clap to republicans and complicit white liberals on the city council for exposing the city to yet MORE police lawsuits*

How will history judge Macomb’s leadership during this time?

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#RacialJustice #InvestigateMacombPD #BlackLivesMatter #WhiteSupremacy #BlackInMacomb #WIU

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