We see your white nationalism, Marjorie Taylor Greene

***Official Statement***

The Democratic Women of McDonough County strongly condemns Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene’s abhorrent, ignorant, and BLATANTLY RACIST remarks.

Falsehoods are part of the #WhiteNationalist agenda of today’s Republican party at ALL LEVELS. These lies already destabilizing our government threaten the destruction of our vibrant democratic nation, which threatens the futures of all our children.

We challenge republicans and their leadership to loudly, strongly condemn the attacks on teaching of #CriticalRaceTheory, cease the falsehoods about the attack on January 6th, and affirm the legitimacy of the Biden administration. Leaders must govern by the facts, and we must ensure our teachers are empowered and protected to #TeachTheFacts.

More info: https://www.newsweek.com/marjorie-taylor-greene-says-crt-should-outlawed-teachers-fired-spot-1608594?fbclid=IwAR0RYgXbl1y4eRrsqvapH23zAJZcgaMt4ZRcnCitr7dSEAFxMpBt2b5zVuo

It’s time to defend democracy.

The Democratic Women of McDonough County, Illinois

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