About Us

The Democratic Women of McDonough County, founded in January of 2019, as a charter organization of the Illinois Democratic Women, focusing on increasing the participation of women and girls in civic engagement, politics, and public policy-making at the local, state, and federal level. We believe that women’s energy is a powerful force for positive change in the world, and to that end, we use activism, advocacy, education, networking, training, and service to our community to improve awareness of and access to services and support for those in need.

Leadership Team

Elected Officers​

  • President: Heather McMeekan
  • 1st Vice President: Verna Parkins
  • 2nd Vice President: Rebecca D.
  • Recording Secretary: Roberta Moore
  • Membership Secretary: Robin Johnson
  • Historical Secretary: Sam Richardson
  • Treasurer: Joanne Curtis

Appointed Officers

  • Animal Welfare Committee Chair: Luann Stovall
  • Labor Coalition Chair: Emiliano Vera
  • Women’s Health Task Force Chair: Becky Danner
  • Racial Justice Coalition Leadership Team: Heather McMeekan
  • Technology Coordinator: Christine Spencer
  • Social Media Director: Sam Richardson


A young organization organized under the guiding principle of “allyship first,” the Democratic Women of McDonough County is an official charter of the Illinois Democratic Women and affiliated with the National Federation of Democratic Women.


Led by founder and current President Heather McMeekan, the org became official in late January of 2019 with 23 initial members.

Now over 200 members strong, with multiple active committees, several hybrid task-forces, with the collective wisdom of over 25 advisors/allies/experts from around the state, and 8 active social media teams, the org has grown to become the second largest county Democratic Women’s org in the entire State of Illinois. …and we’re just getting started!!!

Proud Liberal Intersectional Feminist Democrats

We believe in embracing our strengths, rightful space, voice, passion, intelligence, and drive for progressive, intersectional transformation of our communities to address the many challenges before us.

We hope to help our county grow into becoming one in which all people of good will and a desire for community belonging truly feel and are welcomed, valued, respected, protected, and treated with equal dignity and respect in all spaces by all of our community members.