An Urgent Call To The Mayor & Our City Leadership…

We just posted this urgent letter in response to the article in last week’s Chronicle of Higher Education about our community. First, we affirm the veracity of the information. We call on our community members to report those who mistreat members of our community to the Macomb Police Department. Please, especially report all acts of racism and bigotry to the Macomb Police.

To those who have expressed fear or mistrust in the Macomb Police Department Leadership and some officers, we have heard your concerns. Our letter contains a list of actions to begin addressing the lack of confidence and trust in our police department, promote a greater balance of checks and balances, transparency, and multiple avenues of communication.

Read it, and weep for our community’s Black, Latin, and Hispanic students and community members who deserve to live here in safety and equality of opportunity and protection under the law.

Diaper, pad, and tampon drive being held throughout July

MACOMB — Throughout the month of July, the Women’s Health Task Force of the Democratic Women of McDonough County is holding their Dignity Drive for women and children in McDonough County. Donations of diapers, tampons, pads, and other feminine hygiene products can be dropped off at participating businesses during normal business hours until August 1.

Participating businesses include the following: Burton’s Law Office at 212 W. Carroll St., Dad’s Garage at 539 N. Lafayette St., and Your CBD Store at 833 N. Lafayette St. Suite 1.

All donations will be given to Loaves & Fishes, etc. Food Pantry, Western Illinois Regional Council, Samaritan Well Women’s Shelter, and local schools.

“We think this project is really important. It is wonderful to show up for people who don’t necessarily have somebody helping them. It’s truly an honor,” said Heather McMeekan, president of Democratic Women of McDonough County. “We’re very excited about this and the community response so far. We’ve had so many people offer to help. We couldn’t ask for a better response.”

McMeekan said that the drive did well its first week. According to Karen Lovell of Dad’s Garage, one generous donor even dropped off a carload of diapers at their location. According to a 2019 study published in the journal “Obstetrics & Gynecology,” nearly two-thirds of the low-income women surveyed were unable to afford feminine hygiene products and nearly half of these women reported being unable to afford both food and feminine hygiene products within the past year.

“Diapers and period supplies are basic sanitary necessities which are not covered by assistance programs,” said McMeekan in a press release. “Most charity organizations do not provide diapers, pads, and tampons which leaves many forced into using soiled supplies longer than is healthy, using alternatives that may put them at risk of health issues, or going without entirely.