Statement from the Democratic Women of McDonough County on the violence and murder of Asian and Asian-American women in Georgia

Dear Friends,

Our hearts are broken at the despicable – and all too familiar – acts of wh*te male armed violence in Georgia in which an angry white man with a gun targeted vulnerable Asian, Asian-American women at their place of work. 

The rise in targeting of people of Asian descent by ignorant, angry wh*te people scapegoating fellow human beings is unacceptable in every sense. Xenophobic targeting of people of Asian descent for the failures of leadership, resources, and political collaboration leading to the pandemic spread is alarming and should serve as a call to action by all peaceful white Americans to condemn such hate loudly, repeatedly, and publicly. 

We stand with our members and community members grieving loved ones and living in fear of more xenophobic targeting likely to come. We condemn all acts of bigotry and hatred, and urge all white Americans to challenge our neighbors and friends spreading such destructive sentiments. Hate and violence degrades us all as Americans, and sets a terrible example for our next generation.

We wish for safety, comfort, healing, and peace for our hurting Asian and Asian-American community members, their families, and our community. We stand with you. We value you. We are glad you are here as part of our community.

In Solidarity, Love, & Our Pledge To Visibly Oppose Hatred,

The Democratic Women of McDonough County

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