Racial Justice Coalition Town Hall 3/4/20

We greatly appreciate the members of the County Board who attended our Town Hall on Racism on March 4, 2020.

Content warning: Affidavits contain traumatic narratives with implicit bias, racism.

  1. “Pregnant Black WIU Student Arrested for Fearfully Asking for Help”
  2. “Black Mom Rendered Unconscious in McDonough County Jail”
  3. “Black Mother Submitted Complaint Against Officer Who Called Her a Black Bitch”
  4. Macomb Police Department Refusal to Take Report of Red Truck Attempting To Run Her Daughter off the Road
  5. “MPD Refusal To Call for Qualified Medical Professionals for Traumatized Black Girl”
  6. “Black Male Assault Victim of Police Excessive Force, Possible Obstruction of Justice Languishing in Jail” [Witness Summaries]
  7. Affidavit #7: Black Man Fired From Housing Following Racial Insult from Executive Director Bill Jacobs, Harassment by MPD Officer Lindsey May

One thought on “Racial Justice Coalition Town Hall 3/4/20

  1. The deadly shooting last month of Mr. Mike Ramos by Austin police, following closely on the publication of reports affirming a culture of racism within the police department, patterns of racial profiling in policing, and a fear of retaliation against those who report it, require us to call for new leadership over public safety.

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