Next Christmas, let’s do better, together…

Right before Christmas, it was brought to our attention that the shelters had no offers of aid. We are IMMENSELY grateful for all the good people in both political parties (or none) who stepped up to help us get the shelter gifts and treats for all the residents. THANK YOU!!!

We will do an annual holiday gift drive for The Samaritan Well as one of our projects so this never happens again. What are we here for, if not to support one another? Any of us could experience housing insecurity/housing loss. We all have to ensure those who do experience such traumatic affronts to feelings of personal and familiar safety do not also suffer abandonment from the community as well.

This lack of attention to the needs of our most marginalized community members by our city also showed up in an absence of food bags for homes without financial privilege. Such an absence meant many families had no holiday dinner for their loved ones. Alas, due to the late discovery, we were unable to marshal the resources needed to get this need filled. This failure to care for our most vulnerable human family members should never happen again in this community.

We’ve written an OpEd about some remedies that can help our community do better in the future. We can, and we must. Read our OpEd here >>>>

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